Anonymous said: Does Helsa with Hans being "functional" or OOC as you put it work, or do they both have to be dysfunctional? Does Hans just have to be dysfunctional all the time no matter what? Lol. (this one is only a semi-serious question oop)


//TBH— i think Hans would have more respect for Elsa + Elsa wouldn’t agree to clear manipulation. Post-movie Elsa at least. I believe Helsa is a relationship that would be based on MUTUAL RESPECT. which would shape it into more healthy pairing. 

and what I meant by hans being ooc… I mean the fandom version of hans, tbh. so many fans just… pretend that the last 15 minutes of the movie didn’t happen. which is just wrong in my opinion! enough of fairytale pairings. enough of perfect princes and princesses. 

I don’t want safe relationship between Hans and Anna. They both made mistakes and they both DESERVE to live with them. I want Anna squirming on Hans’ lap as his freezing fingertips brush her milky thighs, touching parts of her body that were previously unspoiled. I want her biting down on the trembling lip thinking ‘what if elsa was to walk in, right now?’. I want guilt and I want manipulation. I want a WRONG relationship, I want them to live with this and I want them to kiss like every kiss was to be the last one — because you never know when the punishment is coming. He’s a sinner, she forgives too quickly. He honors no oaths and only says truth when he’s corrupting his little princess. She is slowly picking up the mirror shards of his flawed soul and cuts her delicate fingers on them. Suddenly her world gets replaced by him only and every word she says is just a variation of his name. And when he kisses her neck, he breathes greed and filthy attachment onto the constellation of her pale freckles.

tl;dr — i guess helsa is more healthy, but hanna can be so wonderfully fucked up, give me that shit